A Quick Introduction

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Welcome to CanWest IT Solutions.

We are a locally owned family business in Edmonton, AB, run by, me; Chuck Corvec (President, a.k.a CanWestBoss). My interest in IT started back in the 1980’s. A good friend introduced me to something called a BBS (Bulletin Board System). Check out this article if you want to know more. From there I was hooked. I became a self taught “guru” in my local area and started my own BBS that became one of the largest in southern Ontario. Then the Internet happened and everything began to evolve and change. The end of an era was upon us and the BBS craze was beginning to die off.

To validate my knowledge I attended CDI College to get a diploma in Micro Computer Business Applications, Information Technology to get the “paperwork” that said I knew what I was doing. This led to my teaching career at Toronto School of Business in Office Productivity Applications for three years, all while still running the BBS.

From there I moved to Edmonton in January of 1996. It was while involved in a teaching contract with NAIT that i was approached to take on the IT duties for a client. This was the catalyst that launched what I do today. IT today is a profession that requires a lot of skill and knowledge. Driven to learn I immersed myself in as many aspects of this world as I could.  Eventually settling on a handful of disciplines my goal was to become proficient in these and surround myself with people who shared my passion.

At CanWest we strive to give you the best service money can buy, for the best price. We are an alternative to high priced IT firms, with the knowledge and expertise to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We all know that time is money and down time is not acceptable. Our list of services is extensive, our people are some of the best in the industry and I can assure you your experience with CanWest as your IT Service Provider will be second to none. Feel free to call us at 780.756.4568, email me directly at cfc@canwestech.com or should you wish to book a consultation fill out this simple form.

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