Custom Applications

Then there are those times when nothing out of the box is going to do it. Not Access, Not SQL, Not PHP or any of the usual array of tools that programmers use. In these rare cases a custom propriety application may be in order. In these instances one of our Senior Analysts will draw up a complete project overview including project scope, application requirements, programming language requirements, data collection needs, reporting functionality and deployment scenarios.

Although these situations are rare in our experience, from time to time they do pop up. It is our intention to take the load off of you and hand it over to our experts. Let them sweat it out because it is what they do best. This application is best suited to large corporations who are likely one of the few who are in their perspective line of business.

If you find yourself looking for this type of service please give us a call at (780) 756-4568 or send us an Email.