PHP / SQL Databases

SQL combined with a PHP development module utilizing a Web based interface is the future of database strategy and management. That statement might as well be Greek or Dutch for all the sense it would make to most people. The best way to describe this technology is to mention some of it’s many attributes and features. The biggest one is that it is platform independent. This means that it does not matter if you are on a PC or a MAC or what version of the Operating System you have. It does not require each client to have special software installed. As long as you have a Web Browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox it will work fine. There does need to be a server in the host environment and that server needs to be accessible to all who plan to use the database. But that server could be a seldom used workstation if need be. Developers are much more readily available for this type of database and it is also much easier to work with existing structures.

Business in general is levitating to this environment even though it was at one time considered an option for large business only. Even small and medium size businesses are now able to take advantage of the much more robust set of tools available in an SQL (Structured Query Language) based database. And some of the software requirements are FREE!! It was not that long ago that the software needed to do this was expensive. The free versions did exist then but were usually not up to the task at hand. That is no longer the case.

The possibilities are endless. It is simply a matter of determining the requirements of your organization, developing a plan to fulfill those requirements and deploying a solution. There is no doubt that this is a complex procedure that requires the expertise of the right people, but the point is that it is a very possible solution today where in the past it simply was not an option.

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