Networks Defined

A computer network by definition is ‘two or more devices connected together via cables, wireless communication, telephone, microwave or any other form of communication that allows them to ‘talk’.

That does not do justice to the entire realm of networks but it does get the point across. If you have two computers in your home or office and they are connected to the same internet connection via a router or a switch, then you have a network. This is the simplest of all networks but it is in fact a network. Networks come in all sizes, all type and all configurations. From the simplest small office setup with only a few computers and a printer to larger businesses with between ten and fifty computers to large enterprise environments with 50, 100 or even thousands of devices.

There is wired and wireless, workgroup or domain, physical or virtual and the list goes on. Then of course we must consider the security issues at each level of network and what must be done to protect your valuable data.

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