Physical or Virtual

In the not so distant past a company would buy one or more servers. These servers would be for specific or certain tasks. For example one might be strictly for storing files for sharing purposes and to be a network controller. Another may have a half dozen applications installed that the users on the network utilize throughout the day. The problem with this scenario is it lends itself to long down times in the event of a failure. Let’s say, just for arguments sake, that the server with all those applications decides to die. There are good backups in place so recovery is not an issue. Or is it? At the very least you are looking at 4 to 6 hours to bring that machine back online with it’s backup restored. That is a long time to be down.

Well today we have available to us technology that allows for almost no down time with the right configuration. Instead of two servers as describe above we would convert them to what is call a Virtual Servers that reside on a Hyper-V or vMWare host. Then we would distribute the tasks to smaller virtual servers that reside on the hosts. If one of the virtual servers goes down it only takes one or two applications or tasks with it. Since these ‘servers’ are really only a great big file which we have a backup of, we can be back up in minutes. With the introduction of Live Migration it can be completely unattended. There is almost no down time.

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