Existing Websites

More and more often we are getting requests for new customers to make changes to a site that already exists. This is very likely a well designed and implemented site but the original designer is either no longer available or the customer no longer wishes to deal with them. The usual statement is Holy &”$@# Now What? We have this great site with no technical help available to us.We at CanWest find this scenario to be one of our most challenging and rewarding. We pride ourselves in keeping abreast of all technologies that come our way and therefore have a good place to start from. Have no doubts about it this is sometimes a momentous task, it is very possible. In some cases it was simply a matter of training an individual in the organization in the proper use of updating tools, while others required digging deeper into ‘the code’ to determine how the original designer put it together. Although there are standards in the industry, every programmer has their own style and there is likely more than one way to accomplish a particular task. Each designer would have their own preferences.

We have encountered many situations similar to this and pride ourselves in our ability to resolve the issue. If you would like to speak with us regarding your existing website please call us at (780)756-4568 or drop us an Email.